Gardening Multi-tool called “Handhacke”
Goods of high quality and suitable to save resources!
It is not always better to save money buying cheap, otherwise, you end up buying the same thing twice. Every day more than thousands of appliances, tools, home electronics, textiles and gardening tools are disposed of because they were cheap both in price and in quality and unsuitable. The resources used for the manufacture and disposal of these products are then wasted. For this reason, I will rely on high-grade and sustainable and suitable products with a long service life to save resources for subsequent generations.
Handhacke aims to create a completely new design range of gardening products and provide innovative features which will ensure that you have fun during your gardening work. These tools will be developed to meet the highest demands during gardening work. The raw material and manufacturing will be in Switzerland or EU countries to reduce the CO2 emissions by shorter transport routes. The tool will combine two material properties (steel and wood), which have convinced humanity of their useful properties for many hundred years.

Did you struggle? to find a suitable gardening tool that would help you do multiple tasks without the need to buy and store different tools. Either they were too expensive or too cheap to do the job properly because of bad quality. So don't waste your money and time on it. I decided to create a solution to every gardeners struggle especially with pulling stubborn weeds, digging hard soil and planting. Handhack is a high-grade multipurpose gardening tool that takes care of all the regular gardening troubles with just ONE TOOL.

It is ecofriendly and handmade locally in collaboration with the “socially-engaged” locksmith of “Erlenhof Center” training center for youth, adult and people with disabilities.

It is combined of sustainable wood and steel. This innovative and practical tool is designed to do many gardening steps like pulling weed, cultivating, planting, etc. making it easier and faster for you to finish the job.